On the Cusp of Change

We human beings do not like change.  We like what is familiar.  We like what is known.  Perhaps this is one of the things that gives me comfort once again.  Greater New Orleans is in my blood.  Despite the fact that I was away for twenty years (from 1988-2008) everything is still very familiar.  It makes me happy that to some degree, my children will experience this same phenomenon in their lives.  Greater New Orleans will be a part of who they are too.

But the more I study, read, and listen, the more it is plain that what I knew growing up in, around, and beyond the city is changing and changing quickly.  Institutions, churches, schools, businesses, and so much more are either gone, in the process of being gone, or have morphed into something new.  Also, all types of new variables are a part of the question of life too.  Very little is like it was when I was my children’s age.  If they choose to have children at my age, I imagine the world I knew will seem as distant to them as reading about the pioneers crossing the prairies in their stagecoaches.

Despite our inherent want of stability, change is a part of our environment.  Will we be like a downhill snow skier and adapt our style and focus to the new things before us?  Or will we look behind us longingly and likely wipe out?  I guess that is up to us.

The good news is that we aren’t skiing alone.  There are all kinds of good folks with us.  Let’s enjoy the company and enjoy the change.

All the best,



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