Our church has decided that organizing a meal each Wednesday was getting a bit tiresome and yet didn’t want to cancel our Wednesday programming.  So, instead, we start it off at Piccadilly cafeteria.

I grew up eating in all sorts of cafeterias:  A&G, Wise, and Morrisons to name a few.  We at at Piccadilly too but only in Baton Rouge (they weren’t in the New Orleans market).  I always assumed cafeterias were everywhere.

But when I first got into the USAF, I was talking to a financial expert about stocks, and he mentioned off the cuff, “Never invest in cafeteria stocks.”  “Why not?” I asked.  “Because they are only in the south.  They can’t make them work in the north or out west.”  And sure enough, I’ve found that to be true as I have lived and traveled in different parts of the nation.  I know there are surely exceptions.  But, by and large, cafeterias are a southern phenomenon.

I wonder sometimes what part of sharing our faith works everywhere and what parts are regional or local.  I also wonder what parts of sharing faith that we think are universal aren’t.  And what is key that we want to pass on and what is simply flavor that we enjoy.

For me,  as long as they have that chocolate pie at the end of the cafeteria line, I’ll be happy.  What’s the pie for most folks in church?

Just some food (in more ways than one) for thought,

In Christ,



One thought on “Piccadilly

  1. I know you are talking about faith here, but one comment about cafeteria’s . . . A and G’s was the BEST! And for me it is about the egg custard!

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