In 2005, Lesley’s cousin asked her to marry him.  Wait, that sounds like something out of the backwoods!  Her cousin asked her to conduct his wedding.  And after a few exchanges between her and the Church of Scotland (who initially asked for a listing of every member of her denomination) it was all sorted out and off we went.

I had been to the UK twice before but never to Scotland.  And I loved it.  But we wanted to make the most of our time there, and we had a lot to do regarding the wedding and pre-marriage counseling (I did the pre-marriage counseling since Lesley felt it’s better to try not to counsel your own family) so we moved about at a rapid pace.

The only exception was about four days in a little house in southwestern Scotland in a tiny town called Dunmore near Tarbert.  It was very much out in the country and the weather was incredible (mind you after dealing with multiple 100 degree days in San Antonio, it made it all the more alluring).

Bill and Isobel, Lesley’s parents, came and stayed with us.  John and Hannah ran about with freedom and we didn’t have to worry about them – there was no one about except for a few families in other cottages.  I was able to set my own schedule, read a great deal, reflect, walk, and spend time with Lesley and the kids.  We’d take day trips here and there.  It was just really relaxing and fun.  One of our good friends from Skye drove down to see us too.  I also enjoyed visiting the Kirk in Tarbert and meeting Bill’s brother.

During hectic weeks where my schedule is packed, I sometimes think of Dunmore.  It’s not that it’s where I’d prefer to be all the time.  But some days, I think if I were wealthy, I’d jet over,  rent the cottage again, and spend another couple of weeks.

With the cost of travel, the increased cost of everything here, and our packed schedules, it won’t happen anytime soon.  But it’s fun to have that nice spot in your memory of a place to disconnect and relax.  I truly believe it is Biblical as God wants us to work hard and to also have time to recharge.

Where is your place that you go in your thoughts when life is coming at you fast and furious?

All the best and in Christ,



3 thoughts on “Dunmore

  1. So Dunmore is one of your “thin places” — I had the same experience on Iona. I am coming to believe that perhaps the “thin places” in our lives may not be so much about a geographic location as much as it is an attitude. An attitude that perhaps we can foster on a greater attention to those things (spiritual disciplines) that make space for intimate encounters with the Holy.


  2. Of course you are welcome back anytime to the Isle of Skye; my ‘thin place’ is visiting friends on the Luing where time also seems to stand still.

    1. Lisa – interesting. Lesley is more familiar than I am with the ‘thin places’ concept but I plan to look into it.

      Donna – I also absolutely loved the Isle of Skye. The only variable is that we couldn’t stay long with you on the packed schedule. Part of truly relaxing to me is not having a timetable (which is really what I am taking a vacation from!). 🙂 But I very much do hope to visit again one day, hopefully sooner than later.

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