To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

twitter_logoSocial networking sites are really the of “the new technologies” of this decade.  First there was the Internet.  Then there were cell phones.  And now we have a way to quickly stay in touch with many people quickly.

Facebook is my social network of choice.  My friends list is an amazing hodgepodge of people from my current church, past churches/chapels, USAF friends, college friends, and even friends from high school.  And one of the funny things is the randomness of it.  The list is far from comprehensive.  But it is fun to talk and track all these folks nevertheless.  Many times I just sit back and read and post nothing myself.

Twitter though is something all together different.  Unlike Facebook it seems to have more immediacy.  I set up an account thinking it to be somewhat akin to Facebook (I even have a program called Tweetdeck which I could use to simutaneously update my Twitter account and Facebook account).  But it gave me real pause when on a Sunday a church member told me that when I wrote, “working on my sermon” the previous night that Twitter sent her a message alerting her on her cell phone.  Is what I am doing something so important that people are getting instant updates wherever they are?  I think not.

There’s this AT&T commercial now where they are hawking a phone which one can use to update Twitter and you see this guy arriving at this empty beach by himself and he is Twittering, “I’m now at the beach.”  I scratch my head and think, “Ok….and..?”

Yet, Twitter seems to be growing by leaps and bounds and I hear people talking about it all the time.  I even know of churches that are integrating it into their ministries.  Maybe this old dog just isn’t hip enough to “get it” quite yet.

What are your thoughts?  Do you use Twitter?  If so, what do you post on it?

Just my random musings on a Sunday afternoon.

All the best,



One thought on “To Twitter or Not to Twitter?

  1. This link goes to one my favorite pictures about social networking. Twitter is at the center of the narcissism, stalking and ADHD. Really, it’s a place for me to spew the random thoughts that come into my head without having to harass my friends with them. I do love companies/breweries/nonprofits that have been able to effectively communicate with their supporters and patrons with it. How else would I know that my favorite brewery just loaded hops into a vat or what Ask! This Old House is doing? Twitter.

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