The Long March

This past week I had to do something that I haven’t had to do in awhile, go for a week on little sleep.  I was on drill with the Air National Guard and had to drive out 22 miles from my home and back with long and event filled days in between the drives.  On top of that, I had to keep the house up, take care of our dog, keep the car gassed, and make my lunches and dinners each day (unlike on regular drills with the Guard, this one was an exercise with no breaks for meals.  You ate when you had the chance).  I got into a routine each day of what to do and when to do it so I could succeed on the next.  My vision narrowed.  I kept my eye on the target.

It was exhausting but fulfilling.  We got alot of work done and reached our goals.  But sleep felt ever so good last night when I finally got seven and a half hours of rest.  When I woke up, my perspective and focus was different than it had been for a week.  I noticed all sorts of things around the house and beyond that I had missed during “the long march.”

Spiritually, I think we can get in the same place.  There is so much to do and so little time.  We can get in a routine – read, pray worship, meet, and do it again and again that what should be dynamic can seem anything but.

What do you do to ‘sleep spiritually’ in order to be ‘spiritually recharged’ and wake up refreshed?

God has given us such an important age to live in.  There is much to do and many people to meet, help, and be helped by.

Let’s all get recharged as a new church year (which often parallels with school years) is about to begin.  God might have something important for us to do in short order.

All the best and In Christ,



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