More Than One Cook in the Kitchen

One of the challenges of adulthood is that, unlike when we were children, situations arise where more than one person is qualified to do something. And who wants to lead? Everyone involved!

We are smart (or socially adapted) enough to understand that we won’t always be in charge. But if the leader does something with which we disagree, we often see it as our most important duty to change their mind. And if we can’t change their mind, we frequently seek to “get out of the kitchen” in some way or another. And we’ll muse, “If only I were in charge, I would do this and this and this.”

But we forget that God is the One who is in charge, and God might not need us to lead in every given situation. As a matter of fact, the number of times God calls on us to lead is limited. For every time we lead, there are many more times God needs us to follow. God might be training up another leader in our midst. God also might be teaching us the important lesson of humility. Jesus said, “He who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

The best restaurants not only have a great master chef but also a number of other chefs, with other responsibilities, who follow his or her direction and contribute to a greater menu.

God puts us in “kitchens” all the time and will put us in charge when we (or where we serve) need us to be in charge. In the meantime, we are called to do our best at whatever level we find ourselves and follow the directions of the leaders God has placed over us.

Who is this blog entry aimed at? It’s aimed at me.

Just the musings of a pastor, chaplain, and father who needs to get out of his comfy chair and get ready for tomorrow.

All the best and until tomorrow,



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