Conservatives and Progressives

Why I like conservatives:

— They tend to know their history and value good things in the past.

— They tend to value faith more and not only fill the pews but are more active in community projects.  They also step forward first to serve our nation.

— They tend to value family more and recognize children as being a most precious resource.

Why I like progressives:

— Compassion tends to be a top priority to them.

— They tend to be future oriented.

— They tend to accept people who are not like themselves.

People will often ask me what my views are politically or thelogically.  I am not easy to catorgorize because I see value in both groups.  What I distress over is how little value each opposing group sees in one another.  And be it in the church or nationally, there is so much acrimonius debate that seems more focused at belittling an opponent than in promoting a point of view.

I guess it’s my military training that comes out, and experience of working with many denominations and religions within a chapel, to know we can be different, advocate for what we believe in, and still sit down with others at the end of the day and enjoy a good meal or meeting.

In the church and in our nation we need to more vigorously defend what is important and stand for what is right.  But we also  need to be at peace that “our way or the highway” is not a very Christlike way.

What are your thoughts?  Can there be ‘peace in the valley’?

All the best & In Christ,

Tom Paine


2 thoughts on “Conservatives and Progressives

  1. I hope conservatives and progressives can work on finding commonalities rather than differences. I think that is the key to peace in the valley. But, as we watch our elected legislators battle things out on capitol hill, the great divide only seems to span further than before. I also hope that both groups and folks in between can see that the world is filled with color, and that should be a fair indicator that intangible aspects of life are not so black and white.

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