Where Does a Pastor Surf on the Net?

Everybody tends to use the Internet for different things.  But the net is not often thought of as a spiritual resource.  Here are some sites & places to visit you might find interesting that I find helpful as a Christian:

1.  www.churchandworld.com:  If you are Presbyterian or Methodist, this site scans every major news source – for you.  In gold it will have any major news about your denomination.  In white, it has any news of interest in the larger Church and in multi-faith (or even no faith) settings.  It is updated 6 days a week.  It is a subscription service but you determine the amount you want to pay per year.  You can try it out for awhile for free.

2.  Pray as You Go:  This is on the Podcasts of iTunes and is free.  It is produced by Jesuits in London but you can rarely tell that it is from a Catholic source and offers great counsel for Christians of any part of the Church.  Music, Scripture, Reflection, and Prayer….all in less than 10 minutes.

3.  The God Complex:  You can find this on blog talk radio or on Facebook.  Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt host a talk show every Monday at 11:00 a.m. CST where they discuss pertinent issues.  You can listen to recordings anytime.

4.  www.Crosswalk.Com:  While I don’t find their news and articles as interesting, this site has the best free Bible (if you register) that you can access on the Net.  It has a large number of translations.

5.  www.christianpost.com:  A more conservative site but still a good source for what is going on in our larger world.

6.  www.pcusa.org:  A good source for all things Presbyterian (and finding out the lectionary readings when you aren’t in the office!)

7.  www.pres-outlook.com:  An excellent site which tends to offer good reports within the church, neither leaning overly to the right or left.

8. http://www.christianitytoday.com:  Another good source of news and materials.

9.  www.screenit.com:  Are you thinking of using a movie in church?  This site will give you the lowdown on any major movie for objectionable content.  If you use the free service, like I do, you don’t have access to the movies in the theatres in the past two weeks.  But if you want even more up to date data, you can subscribe.

10.  The Daily news:  msnbc.com, news.google.com, and nola.com are my main sources.  I also check Cnn, Fox, Reuters, and the BBC regularly.

What sites do you find helpful?

All the best & in Christ,



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