What Will We Do With the Time Given Us

This past week, I was on drill with the Air National Guard and went on an errand with a fellow chaplain.  When I got in his car he said, “Tom, I’m old school” and cranked up the Carpenters!  I certainly was alive when the Carpenters were famous.  I remember many of their songs on the radio.  But, when I was young it simply wasn’t the type of music I was interested in hearing.  It sounded too much like the “easy listening” music I heard at the dentist office. But, as I listened this weekend, I was amazed at Karen Carpenter’s voice as she sang Superstar.  It wasn’t just the quality of her voice but the emotion and thought she put into the song. 

Today, on a break I looked up Carpenter’s bio and read it.  I was aware that she had died of an eating disorder but knew little of the details of the rest of her life.  It was interesting and sad that we lost her so soon.   Her brother, the other half of the famous duo, said he was glad that he last told her that he loved her. 

It was simply one of many stories I have experienced, heard, or read that underscores that we don’t know how long we will have with anyone we love or befriend.  I raises the question, “Am I making my time count?”

I talked with our Session on a parallel theme tonight.  We are responsible for the members of our church.  We may have many years in the future with them.  But we might not.  Are we making our time count?  Are we helping our members in their spiritual development?  Do they know that they matter to us?  We are called to enjoy our time together.  But we also all need to be intentional in our relationships as well.

I hope you let you and yours know that they matter to you.

All the best and In Christ,


P.S.  My question for this post is, “What does spiritual maturity mean to you?”  Tweet it back, reply here, or on Facebook.


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