I often like to get my family outside – away from the television, computers, telephones, and anything in general that plugs into an electric socket or runs on batteries.  Last night, we sat on the steps of our home and watched a storm headed our way.  Sometimes it was sheet lighting.  Sometimes forks of lighting lit up the clouds.  Seconds after the lightning, the sound of thunder would follow.  It was fascinating  to our children.  How many adults will barley glance at the same tonight?  Yet the excitement and fascination in their questions just make them joyful moments.  We had the same experience a few months ago as Lesley explained to them about stars.

                Sometimes in church, I will overhear a child asking a question about God.  They have the same degree of curiosity about God as about lightning.  I’ll also note that often when children enter a sanctuary – their eyes will open wide as they take in all of the sites to which adults are long accustomed.  Giddy discussions are often stopped midstream as they look around the room.

                I once read a Christian author who maintains that we take the magic and the power away from God sometimes.  We treat the Bible as some ordinary book.  We believe sanctuaries are just like any other space.  We exclude the possibility of something remarkable happening through prayer. 

                Lightning is remarkable.  The Bible is a holy book.  Sanctuaries are special places.  And most of all, God remains mysterious, remarkable, and One for whom we should never lose our awe and reverence and respect (especially when we talk with Him). 

All for now.  In Christ,


P.S.  In general, I think we have to use pronouns for God.  The English language sounds stilted without them.  Nevertheless, I realize “Him” no more accurately refers to God than “Her.”  Nevertheless, I stick with Him out of tradition.


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